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Lowenfeld Mosaics and Psychotherapy

by Thérèse Woodcock The Aims of this workshop: To give an experience of the nature of the therapeutic use of a Projective Instrument and the assessment potential of the Lowenfeld...

Child Psychotherapy & Lowenfeld Mosaics

By Thérèse Woodcock Firstly, the Lowenfeld Mosaics enables the young person to engage in something which does not require him directly to explain himself. In the meantime, this e...

Various Games

By Thérèse Woodcock Bridge, Picture Thinking, Wishes Diagram & Newspaper Game  

Communicating the Uncommunicable

By Thérèse Woodcock Today I am going to tell you something about the use of an expressive tool called the Lowenfeld Mosaics. The Mosaics was devised by Dr Margaret Lowenfeld, a p...

Child Psychotherapy and Margaret Lowenfeld

By Thérèse Woodcock Exploring Margaret Lowenfeld’s view of psychotherapy, particularly psychotherapy with children.

Play as Therapy

By Margaret Lowenfeld Every small child stands in a double relationship to life. On the one hand he is ignorant, helpless and entirely at the mercy of the surrounding adults. On th...


By Margaret Lowenfeld A good deal of work has recently been done, reports of some of which are on the eve of publication, showing, among other things, the difference between the es...

The Training of Child Psychotherapists

By Margaret Lowenfeld The Institute of Child Psychology was founded in 1928, under the name of the Children’s Clinic, at 10 Telford Road, London, W.10. Its purpose was to pro...
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