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Youth and Health

By Dr. Margaret Lowenfeld It is a very interesting task to take part in this morning’s discussion and to do what one can to put forward some aspects of the interest in health and...

Tenth International Medical Congresss

By Margaret Lowenfeld The congress sessions will be held in the Taylor Institution (known as the Taylorian) and members will be accommodated in Balliol College, Holy well Manor (th...

Topical Problems of Psychotherapy

By Margaret Lowenfeld The technical psychotherapeutic procedure called “The World Technique” arose gradually through direct psychotherapeutic work with children, in London. It ...

Poleidoblocs in Nurse and Infant Classrooms

By Margaret Lowenfeld For generations the use of tactile structured materials has been advocated by eminent psychologists and educators as essential for children’s learning a...

Poleidoblocs G Instructions

By Margaret Lowenfeld The Contents of Poleidoblocs G.

Margaret Lowenfeld Day Conference

By Margaret Lowenfeld There is a spectrum of interest in play. An outer world there are outcome measures. Competence Coping Competence is domain specific. Capacity for effective ...

Selected Papers of Margaret Lowenfeld

Child Psychotherapy, War and the Normal Child: Selected Papers of Margaret Lowenfeld Part I is an extended biography of Margaret Lowenfeld. Part II contains examples of her contrib...
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Understanding Children’s Sandplay

By Margaret Lowenfeld Understanding Children’s Sandplay: Lowenfeld’s World Technique ‘Lowenfeld’s unique understanding of play and the development of the World Technique ha...
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Play in Childhood

By Margaret Lowenfeld ‘A seminal book that continues to exert a strong influence on how play is viewed today’ Mitchell & Freeman. Published by Sussex Academic
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Expressing the Shape and Colour of Personality

By Margaret Lowenfeld Expressing the Shape and Colour of Personality: Using Lowenfeld Mosaics in Psychotherapy and Cross-cultural Research by Thérèse Mei-Yau Woodcock. Published ...
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