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Selected Papers of Margaret Lowenfeld

Child Psychotherapy, War and the Normal Child: Selected Papers of Margaret Lowenfeld Part I is an extended biography of Margaret Lowenfeld. Part II contains examples of her contrib...
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Understanding Children’s Sandplay

By Margaret Lowenfeld Understanding Children’s Sandplay: Lowenfeld’s World Technique ‘Lowenfeld’s unique understanding of play and the development of the World Technique ha...
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Play in Childhood

By Margaret Lowenfeld ‘A seminal book that continues to exert a strong influence on how play is viewed today’ Mitchell & Freeman. Published by Sussex Academic
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Expressing the Shape and Colour of Personality

By Margaret Lowenfeld Expressing the Shape and Colour of Personality: Using Lowenfeld Mosaics in Psychotherapy and Cross-cultural Research by Thérèse Mei-Yau Woodcock. Published ...
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Gravity and the Creation of Self

By Margaret Lowenfeld Gravity and the Creation of Self: an Exploration of Self Representations using Spatial Concepts.
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Play and Symbolism in Lowenfeld and Winnicott

In her biography of Margaret Lowenfeld which appears as the introduction to the book of Lowenfeld’s selected papers entitled Child Psychotherapy, War and the Normal Child (1988),...

The Lowenfeld World Technique

By Margaret Lowenfeld It is a welcome sign of the life of the ideas embodied in this technique that other workers we now experimenting with modifications of it. This memorandum is ...

Lowenfeld Mosaic Test

This paper by Thérèse Woodcock Woodcock, Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist and Trainer in Lowenfeld Projective Play Therapy, delivered at a Cambridge conference and...

The Significance of Play

The Significance of PLAY in the Normal Development of Children By Margaret Lowenfeld 1938 When the adult uses the word ”play” in his description of children or his thoughts abo...

Play in Childhood – article

By Margaret Lowenfeld It is startling to find that Froebel in his work on the education of man, where he concerns himself directly with play, foreshadows much that has come explici...

Destructiveness in Children

By Margaret Lowenfeld Destructiveness in children is one of the forms of wanting to know about things. This sounds odd, but it is true. Children do not differentiate as we do betwe...

Psychotherapy, War and the Normal Child – article

By Thérèse Woodcock This timely publication is divided into two parts. The first is a scholarly account and critique of Lowenfeld’s work within the history of 201h century dev...

Aspects of Colour

By Margaret Lowenfeld It is a keen pleasure to me to have the opportunity in so distinguished a course of lectures to tell you about the work we have been doing on the study of spo...

Freedom and Discipline: Part 2

By Margaret Lowenfeld A very grave obstacle meets us at the outset in any attempt to define discipline in education. This is the intimate connection, particularly evident in Englan...

Child Psychotherapy & Lowenfeld Mosaics

By Thérèse Woodcock Firstly, the Lowenfeld Mosaics enables the young person to engage in something which does not require him directly to explain himself. In the meantime, this e...

Child Psychiatry and Medicine

The subject I have been asked to put before you today is a discussion of the relation between Child Psychiatry and Children’s Medicine. I submit that this is a particularly f...

Lectures and Talks 1928-1939

By Margaret Lowenfeld Popular Lectures and Talks from 1928-1939

Various Games

By Thérèse Woodcock Bridge, Picture Thinking, Wishes Diagram & Newspaper Game  

Introducing Lowenfeld Mosaics

by Thérese Woodcock© Lay the box of Mosaics above the tray, with a space between to allow for the tray to be rearranged if desired. I usually do this for the first time, so as to...
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