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The Dr Margaret Lowenfeld Trust - Child psychotherapy Videos – Dr Margaret Lowenfeld Trust



Videos on Margaret Lowenfeld

The Dr Margaret Trust developed a series of short videos in 2017 to explain her unique approach to child psychotherapy and two of her most influential tools, the Lowenfeld World Technique (using a sandtray and miniature toys) and the Lowenfeld Mosaics.

An Introduction to Dr Margaret Lowenfeld’s approach to child psychotherapy by Therese Woodcock and Susie Summers. Therese was trained and clinically supervised by Dr Margaret Lowenfeld at the Institute of Child Psychology (ICP) in London 1969-72.

Margaret Lowenfeld developed the Lowenfeld Mosaics to allow children to express themselves with simple geometric shapes and colours. She called it, ‘the personality in action’. The Lowenfeld Mosaics were always used during the first session and last session as a form of assessment. But some children also liked to use it in every session as a form of expression.

The World Technique was developed by Margaret Lowenfeld as a way to engage children in a therapeutic process and to allow them to express themselves non-verbally through play. She allowed them to build a picture of their world using wet and dry sand in separate trays with a selection of miniature toys.

Speech and language therapist Susie Summers, who was trained by Therese Woodcock in Lowenfeld’s approach, describes a client that she worked with using Lowenfeld’s approach.


Speech and language therapist Susie Summers describes using Lowenfeld’s approach with a boy who experienced the 9/11 disaster in New York.

Child psychotherapist and author Therese Woodcock describes a client that she worked with using Lowenfeld’s approach.