Lowenfeld Projective Play Therapy provides a way for children to express and understand their thoughts and feelings.

Using sand, water, and toys as a multidimensional language, children create Worlds in a tray which express how they make sense of what is happening inside and round about them.


The choice of toys, the way they are positioned and moved; how the sand is used within the space of the tray; as well as the manner of the child, will have meaning and links with his real world. It is the therapist’s job to know as much as possible about that child’s real world and to help the child make those links when he is ready.


When a child makes a Mosaic, she produces not only a snapshot of her approach to the world around her. It also enables the therapist and child to explore her understanding of herself and her concerns.


Both media help the children think with their hands.

‘Lowenfeld techniques often provide rapid entry into a child’s inner world.’┬áIan Goodyer, Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Cambridge University

Short courses are available on using the World Technique and on the Lowenfeld Mosaic Test. Please contact info@lowenfeld.org


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