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Lowenfeld Mosaic Test

This paper by Thérèse Woodcock Woodcock, Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist and Trainer in Lowenfeld Projective Play Therapy, delivered at a Cambridge conference and...

Research Project

By Dr. Margaret Lowenfeld During 25 years work, it has been found at I.C.P. that very considerable improvement, amounting in a certain proportion of cases to satisfactory cure, can...

Introducing Lowenfeld Mosaics

by Thérese Woodcock© Lay the box of Mosaics above the tray, with a space between to allow for the tray to be rearranged if desired. I usually do this for the first time, so as to...

Lectures and Talks 1928-1939

By Margaret Lowenfeld Popular Lectures and Talks from 1928-1939

A Patchwork of Mosaics

By Thérèse Woodcock My interest in the use of the Lowenfeld Mosaic Test in the the study of cultural differences was first aroused by Dr. Rhoda Metraux when she came to the Inst...

Lowenfeld Mosaics and Psychotherapy

by Thérèse Woodcock The Aims of this workshop: To give an experience of the nature of the therapeutic use of a Projective Instrument and the assessment potential of the Lowenfeld...

Child Psychotherapy & Lowenfeld Mosaics

By Thérèse Woodcock Firstly, the Lowenfeld Mosaics enables the young person to engage in something which does not require him directly to explain himself. In the meantime, this e...

Various Games

By Thérèse Woodcock Bridge, Picture Thinking, Wishes Diagram & Newspaper Game  
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